"...my hot flashes went away after following the recommendations. Thank you Jeanne-Marie."

Jane B.


I have helped many women with menopausal symptoms and concerns. As a matter of fact, I have my own history of menopausal issues. Like the majority of women with menopausal symptoms, I went to see my Dr., I followed everything I was told to do, but I was not feeling better.

Then I followed what Ayurveda suggests, and my problems and suffering went away. What I found was Ayurveda looks at menopause through a different lens. And this alternate take on menopause works!
If you suffer from any of these menopausal symptoms:

• insomnia                                      • mood swings                                                  • depression

• lack of energy                             • dry skin and hair                                          • weight gain

• joint pain                                      • cognitive disturbance                                • vaginal dryness

• loss of libido                                • nights sweats                                                • hot flashes

• emotional disturbances         • anxiety                                                             • irritability          

• and more…

Contact me and we’ll discuss what symptoms are bothering you and how I can be most helpful from my personal experience. You will be surprised by the results you will get when you follow some of my simple recommendations.

It worked for me, it’s working for many of my clients, and it will work for you as well.

Find support for your menopausal symptoms