Holistic Nutritional Counseling with Jeanne-Marie
We are innately drawn to healthy foods and proper nutrition when in
a balanced state. Discovering habits around food is key to reversing
imbalances and supporting healthy weight management, increased
energy, and stabilized mood patterns. Currently many in our society
are exhibiting allergies, food sensitivities, digestive concerns,
addictions, emotional eating and a lack of understanding of what
good nutrition is.
Once I have determined your constitution, developing a nutritional
diet and meal plan based on your individualized body/mind type is
central to your healing recipe. I create a diet plan that is focused
on your digestive power and your health concerns. This customized
diet is designed with you in mind!

Learn how to:
• Determine what is the best way depending on your lifestyle to
   integrate healthy, nutritional eating habits
• Follow seasonal changes
• Follow a consistent daily routines
• Understand what are the best food choices for you and why
• Uncover what might be getting in the way of your efforts
• Work with the power of simple nutritional suggestions
• Try simple but profound Ayurvedic cleanses to remove toxins and
• Create self support with a food plan that works with your needs
   for dramatic shifts in your health with recipes selected for you

What ever your reasons for seeking nutritional and dietary counseling, whether weight management, diabetes, food sensitivity and addictions or just advice on cooking and guidance on the principles of healthy eating, I can help you get on track.

Healthy diet is one of Ayurveda’s most basic and ancient tools. Perhaps you’ve heard the quote from Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” 460-370 BC. Proper diet is the oldest holistic medicine known to man.

Let me help you make healthy decisions